Samsung KalimaLock Mobile App

KalimaLock: The first smart device padlock that teaches Arabic one unlock at a time! In the GCC, English has become the language of choice in schools, homes and every day communication. This has affected Arab children’s abilities to fluently read, speak and write in their native language. To encourage children to learn Arabic, we created KalimaLock, an app that can be downloaded onto your child’s smartphone or tablet. The app locks access to the device and in order to unlock it, your child must first learn a word in Arabic. KalimaLock will teach them how to write and pronounce words in Arabic as well as what they mean, one unlock at a time. KalimaLock is exclusively available to Samsung smartphones, phablets and tablets with a 5.1” screen or larger to ensure an optimised user experience.

Agency: Cheil MENA
Client: Samsung Gulf
Digital Art Director: Amr Elkouedy
Concept Development / Art Direction / Illustrations / UI & UX

Creative Strategist: Mihailo Rsumovic
Concept Development / UX / Project Managment

ACD: BaherRaouf
Digital Art Director: Jagal Gopinath
ECD:  Omar AL Jabi
Copywriter : James Tan, Hiba Mirza, Hussein Kaddaha
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