Primary Role: Creative Lead, Creative Concept, Art Direction, UI/UX, Design
Wherever friends gather, joy is found. 
And when the time comes to say goodbye, sorrow takes its place.
The absence of a friend can leave a void far greater than a vacant seat.
Places change, people grow, but true friendship is life’s anchor.
And wherever life takes us, the joys of friendship assure us we are in the right place.
In the right place. With the right people. Those are the moments to savour.

In even the smallest acts of kindness, there blossoms a special affection between people.
It’s a simple rule of life. Serve others and you will grow to love them.
And those you serve will grow to love you back.
And we want to be with those we’ve come to love.
Because life is fleeting, and we must seize the moments we have together.
Share those moments with those you love, because they are truly special.​​​​​​​
She sat alone, with an empty cup for company.
A small gesture was made to set things right again.
A silent smile was shared, that changed their lives forever. 
Of memories past, and those waiting to be created.
And it all began with a cup of coffee.

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